Brigitta is an independent label based in London, creating contemporary jewellery influenced by culture, nature and storytelling.

London-based Brigitta Anderson had the idea for the brand in 2016 through a love and passion for jewellery, design, art, culture and hands-on making. Having previously worked as a graphic designer within the fashion industry, she stepped away from the computer and into creating with her hands, bringing her background knowledge of style and design with her, wanting to create jewellery that was not only aesthetically beautiful, but had meaning a narrative behind it.

The process of designing, creating and making is a focal point to the brand, so each piece you wear is made by hands with love, time and care. For processes that can’t be done in house, Brigitta works with local independent businesses based in London.

Brigitta takes pride in it’s stock being of quality, handmade and independent. With that in mind very limited stock is created of each piece, it’s first prepared and then finished once ordered, so please allow around 3-4 weeks for your order to be shipped out to you.